post construction cleaning in Marietta

What are the different stages of post construction cleaning?

The completion of a construction project, whether it be the construction of a new structure or the renovation of an existing one, represents the pinnacle of success for any customer that a construction contractor intends to serve. In spite of this, the job of a construction business is not over until the project as a whole is completed, and this is true even after the actual building process has been completed—not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears that they have to endure.

Before the final key can be turned over, there are a few more tasks that need to be completed in order for the building to be considered entirely finished. As part of these extra works, a comprehensive cleaning of the whole facility, often known as post-construction cleaning, will be performed. post construction cleaning in Marietta is very important.

A rough clean

The first phase of the project begins here, when all of the essential installations have been completed, including framing, plumbing, and electrical works. The removal of big things, such as garbage, trash, leftover materials, and other items that cannot be vacuumed, is the first and most important task in this phase. After that, we will do some general sweeping or vacuuming. This step also includes the removal of stickers from doors and windows, but does not involve the cleaning of those surfaces.

Light cleaning

This phase is regarded to have the greatest work to be done out of the three stages in the post-construction cleaning, and it involves a significant amount of cleaning equipment and supplies. We’re paying special attention to spaces like toilets and kitchens, as well as other areas that have their own distinct functions. During this step, a comprehensive cleaning is performed on a number of the installed components, including but not limited to sinks, toilets, windows, and cupboards. One of the reasons why people employ a professional cleaning service is so that they may avoid this period.

Final Clean

The penultimate step is the Final Cleaning, often known as the Touch-Up Cleaning. This occurs many days after the second phase for the reason that dust and dirt may still settle; as a result of this, the cleaning staff will still have time to give greater attention to the final clearance of dust. This phase takes significantly less time than usual because the things that are being removed at this point are typically smudges, fingerprints, and other imperfections from areas that were cleaned in earlier phases. This is because the typical things that are being removed at this point are smudges and fingerprints.